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Address: Almirante Brown Blvd. 3251, Puerto Madryn, province of Chubut.



(Last updated on june 2, 2021)



1.1. These Terms and Conditions refer to the use of the services offered by Hotel Territorio (registered under Atlas Patagonia S.A.) through its website:

1.2. The use of services by the customer requires the full and unconditional acceptance of any and all contractual terms and conditions contained herein and published in the website and hotel booking engine.

1.3. These Terms and Conditions constitute a valid and binding agreement between the customer and Hotel Territorio regarding the use of services.

1.4. The use of the services is governed by all notices, regulations, instructions, policies, terms and conditions now in force or hereafter published on the website by Hotel Territorio.

1.5. Hotel Territorio can amend the Terms and Conditions at any time by giving prior notice to the customer through the publication of the latest version on the website and/or by email.


2.1. Children 0 to 3 years old sharing a room with two (2) adults will be accommodated free of charge if they use the beds available in the room.

2.2 Children over 3 years old will be charged the adult rate.


3.1. For safety and ease purposes, Hotel Territorio does not allow any kind of pets and/or domesticated animals.


4.1. Hotel Territorio offers hospitality services through the publication of online booking services exclusively offered to its customers.

4.2. Such service includes the room which will be advertised on the website. Once booked, the rooms must comply with all commercial procedures and guidelines set forth in this document.

4.3. The online booking service might be complemented by the newsletter, which will be sent to the email indicated upon signing in as customer in the newsletter service or any other advertising or marketing action, whether online (such us through social networks, email, the web or any other virtual media) or through postal email, graphic, television, radio or telephone advertising, text message or any other means of communication that Hotel Territorio deems appropriate.


5.1. Services offered by Hotel Territorio are intended for the general public and for guests who have previously booked online, pursuant to these Terms and Conditions, as amended and updated, and other present or future regulations.

5.2. The customer must be over 18 years old and must have legal and de facto capacity to enter into contracts. Failure to comply with this clause will void any act performed by the pretended customer forfeiting his or her rights to submit any claim and will enable Hotel Territorio to initiate the corresponding legal actions against the person or whoever might be responsible for his or her actions, such as, parents, tutors, representatives or guardians.

5.3. The customer can purchase the services through the website by transferring the appropriate amounts using the means of payment authorized by Hotel Territorio.

5.4. Hotel Territorio is entitled to modify, at its own discretion, the presentation and composition of the services offered, as well as the terms and conditions required to use them.


6.1. Hotel Territorio offers strict confidentiality, safety and protection of all information provided by the customer and guarantees compliance with all applicable regulations and laws, particularly with Law No. 25.326 on Personal Data Protection and its regulations, sections 25, 9 (on safety measures) and 10 (on data confidentiality). To this effect, Hotel Territorio makes available the following email: to provide assistance in handling third party information.

6.2. The Privacy Policy is based on the following: (i) the personal information database will not be intended for purposes contrary to the legislation or the public morals. Customer information will be exclusively used for business and commercial purposes related to the services offered by Hotel Territorio; (ii) Extreme care will be exercised in the collection of personal data in order to obtain true, proper, relevant and sufficient information considering the scope and intended purpose; (iii) Personal information will be collected solely through reliable, clear and transparent means and in compliance with all legal dispositions; (iv) Personal information will be used for the purposes indicated herein; (v) Hotel Territorio intends to keep accurate and updated records; therefore, the customer is encouraged to modify or delete his or her information, when deemed appropriate. (vi) The storage of personal information will allow the customer access to it, in compliance with the rights granted under all applicable legislation and this policy; (vii) Strict confidentiality will be maintained when handling personal information from customers and suppliers of Hotel Territorio. Information from suppliers will be safeguarded during the term of the service agreement and after termination thereof, with no limitation period. Personal information will only be disclosed when mandatory and in compliance with the relevant legal dispositions. (viii) By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the customer expressly authorizes Hotel Territorio to collect, process, store, share or otherwise handle his or her personal information, according to the dispositions included herein and set forth under Law No. 25.326 on Personal Data Protection and related regulations; ix) Should the customer not accept these Terms and Conditions, he or she must not make a reservation; x) After personal information has been provided, the customer will be entitled to access, rectify, update and delete his or her records, pursuant to the dispositions included herein and under Law No. 25.326 on Personal Data Protection and related regulations; xi) At any time, the customer will be entitled to request a copy of the information he or she provided within the scope of these Terms and Conditions. Should this be the case, the customer should send an email to; and (xii) The customer can request that his or her information not be used for advertising purposes. To change advertising preferences or unsubscribe, the customer should contact us at

6.3. Advertising from Hotel Territorio complies with section 27 of Law No. 25.326 on Personal Data Protection, according to which: “The owner may, at any time, request the withdrawal or blocking of his name from any of the data banks referred to in this section”, and section 27 of Decree No. 1558/01, according to which: “All communications with advertising purposes done by postal mail, telephone, email, Internet or any other means must expressly include and highlight the data owner’s right to request the total or partial deletion and blocking of his name from the database. Upon request of the interested party, the name of the person who provided the information shall be disclosed.”


7.1. The person who wants to acquire services from Hotel Territorio (hereinafter referred to as the “User”) must express his or her wish to make a booking by clicking “Confirm booking” and completing all necessary information required during the booking process.

7.2. Upon accommodation service acquisition, the User must inform the number of guests who will make use of the service. The following information will be required: (a) name and surname, (b) nationality, (c) country of residence, (d) passport or identity card (the original and a copy).

7.3. The User will assume sole responsibility for all the information provided during the booking process releasing liability from Hotel Territorio for any errors, omissions and/or misrepresentations.

7.4. Hotel Territorio will make its best efforts to satisfy the accommodation demand from its customers. Notwithstanding the above, any cancellation must be informed to the Hotel Territorio at

7.5. Methods of payment will be determined by Hotel Territorio, at its own discretion, and will be made available for customers upon booking. The hotel can modify, remove or combine such methods in the future. Such methods will be determined considering the commercialization channel, namely:

a) Direct channels: approved credit cards, electronic payment systems and bank transfers to ATLAS DE LA PATAGONIA’s account.

b) Agencies: bank transfers to ATLAS DE LA PATAGONIA’s account.

c) Digital channels: bank transfers to ATLAS DE LA PATAGONIA’s account.

7.6. Any discrepancy, error, omission and/or inconvenience related to the system, the methods or the payment entity, not attributable to Hotel Territorio, will be the sole responsibility of the Users or the payment entities, if applicable.

7.7. Under no circumstances will Hotel Territorio accept payments made through any method of payment other than the ones authorized.

7.8. Upon receipt of payment, a confirmation will be sent to the email registered during the booking process including the following information:

(a) trading and/or corporate name of the hotel and

(b) details of the service purchased.

7.9. The price for the rooms does not include any in-room expenses. Should there be additional costs (apart from the room price), Hotel Territorio will specify the amount and will inform the customer before making the reservation.

7.10. Hotel Territorio is entitled to modify the prices at any time, but the services will be billed considering current values at the moment of making reservation and based on service availability at such time.

7.11. Services will be booked until payment is made by the client, according to the cancellation policy. Should the reservation not be duly and timely paid, it will be cancelled without prior notice.

7.12. Hotel Territorio can cancel a booking from any customer with whom it has a pending claim or lawsuit.


8.1. Hotel Territorio has established the following cancellation policy depending on the commercialization channel:

a) Direct channel/Web: cancellation policies are subject to the rates chosen and are detailed below:

i. Non-refundable rate: No cancellation or changes are allowed. The Hotel charges 100% of the amount in advance.

ii. Flexible rate: Reservations can be canceled, free of charge, at least 4 days before the scheduled arrival date. If cancellation is made during said 4-day period, a one-night penalty will be charged.

b) Agencies: Pursuant to the terms and conditions ATLAS DE LA PATAGONIA has negotiated with each agency.

c) Digital channel: Pursuant to the terms and conditions ATLAS DE LA PATAGONIA has negotiated with each digital channel


9.1. The customer agrees to use the services in compliance with the legislation, these Terms and Conditions, the public order and the good morals and uses. The customer agrees to refrain from using the services for illegal purposes, for any other purpose which might harm the rights or interests of Hotel Territorio, other users or third parties or for any other purpose which might otherwise damage, render useless, overload or deteriorate the service or prevent the ordinary use of such services by any of the abovementioned parties.

9.2. The customer agrees to refrain from performing any of the following expressly forbidden acts: (a) Smoke within the premises of Hotel Territorio. Given it is a smoke-free facility, smoking is not allowed in the rooms or common areas, pursuant to the national legislation. Should any customer not comply with this disposition, a fine will be imposed (as a cleaning charge) of 20% of the daily rate plus VAT.(b) Use the services to, either directly or indirectly, break any state, national or international law of any nature whatsoever; send or distribute obscene, sexual, pornographic material or any other content which otherwise violates any applicable legislation, whether national or international, the public order or the good morals and uses; exchange, distribute or store any kind of information, data or material contrary to the state, national or international laws or regulations; send or convey information which includes, either directly or indirectly, law-breaking, profane, abusive, defamatory or fraudulent content or which discloses private or personal affairs of any person or otherwise violates people's rights; gain access to the services under a fake, wrong or non-existent name, whether as an individual or an as entity; and send or convey any material which cannot be distributed pursuant to the legislation on, including but not limited to, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, patents or any other proprietary rights of third parties, or under fiduciary or contractual duties, such as non-disclosure agreements. (c) Violate or otherwise alter the identity verification, authentication or security systems, the networks or accounts of customers, administrators or managers in charge of the provision of services. Such acts include but are not limited to the following: attempts to access information not intended for the user, attempts to log in services or accounts without express authorization, attempts to alter, in any way and to any extent, the security of the networks of Hotel Territorio by using any kind of tool pursuing identical or similar aims, attempts to interrupt, vary or cut internet communications, for example, altering routing, derivation or distribution information, deliberately overloading one or more services (overflow) or any other, hack computers through the internet or another type of computer communication network, whether it is global, local, internal, etc., falsify advertisements displayed on the website of Hotel Territorio or any other related website, use any program, command or command groups or send messages intended to interfere with the login of another user, deliberately interfere with information not intended for the user, exchange files containing viruses or other destructive features that can adversely impact either the operations of a computer or the services, use any software or other means to deceive for the purposes of increasing or obtaining commercial or economic advantages for the benefit of the user, unauthorized third parties or any other person not included herein, carry out actions which limit, deny or otherwise prevent any person, group of persons, entity or organization from using the services or the Internet. Additionally, it is forbidden to employ any method or system, computer or not, by the user or any third parties on behalf of the user to make use of the services that are not expressly authorized by Hotel Territorio under these Terms and Conditions or any other express means. Any such violation of the above will result in the penalties and procedures established, as well as any legal action that Hotel Territorio, its representatives or successors might file against the user.

9.3. Record of visitors: All guest visitors who access the common areas or the rooms must previously register at the reception desk of the hotel.

9.4. Coexistence guidelines for guests and groups: Hotel Territorio strives to deliver an enjoyable experience to its customers. Therefore, it is necessary to adhere to some peaceful coexistence rules, for example, to avoid annoying noises or activities in the rooms and the common areas that might disturb the relaxed stay of other guests. Hotel Territorio kindly requests its guests to control the intake of alcohol and the number of visitors. The customer hereby acknowledges that any breach of these dispositions or any other rules set forth in the internal regulations of Hotel Territorio might result in the request for immediate eviction with no refund. This action is aimed at safeguarding an enjoyable experience for the rest of the guests. Hotel Territorio prohibits the consumption of alcoholic beverages and the use of drugs and dangerous substances, guns, annoying noises, yelling, moving around the hotel’s premises with a naked torso, the stay of people with a presumably contagious disease or people with suspicious attitudes.

9.5. Food and beverages: the entry of food and beverages is not allowed without the express authorization of any representative from Hotel Territorio.


10.1. The newsletter service consists in sending to the email address provided by the customer all the information related to the services advertised on the website of Hotel Territorio, including special offers, news and relevant information.


11.1. All commercial transactions will be conducted either through any of the platforms of Hotel Territorio and/or with authorized credit cards and other electronic means of payment. Hotel Territorio safeguards the customer’s information regardless of the means of payment or platform chosen.

12. CHECK-IN AND CHECK-OUT          

12.1. Hotel Territorio requires guests to check in after 3 p.m. and to check out by 11 a.m.

12.2. Subject to availability, it is possible to extend the check-out time until 3 p.m. by paying an additional late check-out fee representing a 30% of the rate paid. After 3 p.m. full rate must be paid.

12.3. Documentation: Upon check-in, customers must present their ID (DNI, passport or otherwise). This is also applicable to children. Children: It is mandatory to present and register a photo ID of children. Besides, upon hotel registration, the parent or guardian must present documentary proof of their link to the child, certified by a notary public.


13.1. The customer acknowledges and accepts that Hotel Territorio will not be held liable for breach of contract in the event of room unavailability due to force majeure, any kind of unrest or strike (particularly in relation to electricity, gas or communications services), flood or fire.

13.2. Access and circulation control. Hotel Territorio is committed to make all reasonable efforts to control the entry, exit and circulation of customers, guests and other users of the several services offered in the hotel’s premises, for the purposes of guaranteeing the safety of customers, guests and users, and ensuring the best experience for them. However, Hotel Territorio will not be liable for undesirable events which might take place and that will be the sole responsibility of the parties involved.

13.3. Loss, robbery and theft: The customer acknowledges and accepts that Hotel Territorio will not be held liable for the loss of money or other items carrying any economic or emotional value. Each room is equipped with a safe.

13.4. Damaged, broken or missing property of Hotel Territorio, placed either in the rooms or the common areas, caused by improper use or otherwise attributable to the customer will be subject to an economic penalty equivalent to the full replacement value of the damaged, broken or missing item, plus costs incurred in transporting the item to the hotel’s premises. Hotel Territorio reserves the right to charge the corresponding amount to the guest's credit card used to make the booking. 


14.1. Hotel Territorio has prepared a COVID-19 protocol governed by the recommendations issued by the National Ministry of Sports and Tourism and the Institute for Tourism Quality (Instituto de Calidad Turística Argentina, ICTA), the Argentine Chamber of Tourism (Cámara Argentina de Turismo, CAT), the Association of Tourism Hotels (Asociación de Hoteles de Turismo, AHT), the Association of Hotels, Restaurants, Bars and Cafes (Asociación de Hoteles, Restaurantes, Confiterías y Cafés, AHRCC), the Gastronomic Hotel Business Federation for Argentina (Federación Empresaria Hotelera Gastronómica de la República Argentina, FEHGRA) and the provinces, through the Federal Tourism Council. Customers acknowledge such protocol, which is binding and constitutes part of these Terms and Conditions.


15.1. This document is governed by Argentine Law.

15.2. Any dispute arising with respect to any of the terms and conditions set forth herein will be submitted to the competence of the trial courts for the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina.